Our team can help you compare your options (once you have a scope or proposal from just one prospective provider) as well as make you aware of the latest incentives and discounts being offered by each.

CSB’s partners provide Software Asset Management (“SAM”) programs to help you with Publisher Audits and ongoing compliance.

Some of our clients that keep track of their software “in-house” find having a software/applications licensing-expert review their software licensing environment (before or even after a Publisher Audit) extremely helpful as well as usually a source of significant savings.

Having one’s software environment properly calibrated for future growth, enables financial predictability while at the same time eliminating unforeseen potential liabilities.

Microsoft® has a “SAM” division itself (source of “Soft Audit” letters and “Hard Audits”) which some clients work with directly- the issue in that instance is, if it’s determined by Microsoft® that your company owes it money for licenses that your company has been using, upon the completion of Microsoft’s® audit of your environment your firm is invoiced within 30 days.

So, importantly, our partners can help your firm prior to getting an audit letter from Microsoft® (as well as other publishers e.g. Oracle®, VMware®, IBM®, etc) and also can help even after receiving an audit letter.

How it works:

Your firm signs an NDA with one of our partners and all issues regarding Compliancy are then resolved between your firm and our partner (then our partner works direct with the respective Publisher on your firm’s behalf).

Our partner’s deep relationships with Publishers and understanding of complicated licensing fees, options, protocols and intricacies as well as benefit of economies of scale enables swift, effective resolution and results in a paved runway for future growth.


A large industrial company had a non-favorable contract with a major software Publisher; one of our partners determined that the company had potential “exposure” of $1b to this core Publisher in the event they were to be “hard audited” by the Publisher (the firm was, as a byproduct of this revelation, concerned it may even have to file for bankruptcy); our partner resolved this exposure for less than $20m (prior to the company with the exposure receiving a hard audit letter from the Publisher).



Our partners can help with the purchasing and transacting of all your software needs from Microsoft®, Oracle®, VMware® and more.

How it works:

Our partner will by pull your firm’s licensing data and then do a deep dive and decipher your needs then assist with purchasing at the best rates- saving your firm money versus dealing direct with the Publishers (as our partners effectively have “bulk” deals to receive the best pricing from Publishers).



While Microsoft® itself offers a software/applications “environment” scan, our partners offer more granular scans which can be more helpful in terms of understanding potential sources for savings.

Options for environment scans and associated complimentary services include:


A “Snapshot”, which occurs at a particular given moment in time, can be helpful anytime but in particular when your firm is 90 days or so away from a Microsoft® renewal agreement. This granular scan can help you to, in a timely manner, how to best right-size your environment and, importantly, make sure your firm is not over licensed.

Cost examples for such a service are approximately (though do vary based on numerous factors):

300 seats, approx. $7,000

1500 seats, approx. $25,000



Once your environment is buttoned-up and organized effectively, you want to keep it what way- cost-efficient ongoing-advisory (aka “Managed Services”) keeps it that way.

This typically involves a 1 to 3-year commitment wherein one of our partners is responsible for your firm’s compliance.

Managed Services, for compliancy issues and beyond, can also save your company money (not just headaches) as it can free-up some of your employees that were previously working on compliance and other Publisher-related issues.



This consulting-type arrangement is found useful by many firms that are moving legacy applications “to the cloud” or pursuing a hybrid-model (e.g. aspects of their software/applications remaining “on-prem” with other aspects being “moved to the cloud”).

Many of these types of company, most of which are larger in size (1,000+ seats), have a 3 to 7-year plan to achieve their hybrid-model, “cloud-goals” and/or complete a total migration to the cloud. Accompany such plans can also include reducing the number of data centers they are currently utilizing in addition to reducing associated hardware and maintenance costs for such.

In these types of “long-term” planning scenarios, Strategic Advisory Services can provide for significant cost savings along the way in addition to drastically reducing any missteps as well as improve operational efficiencies through the complex process of migrating to the cloud.


Large software company with 5000 seats is looking to bring the number of data centers it utilizes to single digits from close to 20 over the next 5 years but they need insight as to what to shut down and when- to that end proper sequencing of the data center footprint reduction is crucial for it to be a net positive and not to disrupt the company’s operations in the process, this is an instance wherein Strategic Advisory Services are very helpful.

Additionally, determining the proper sequencing for the associated legacy systems and applications to be “virtualized” (so that they can reside in the cloud) is equally important.

Strategic Advisory Services from our partners help with all these tedious types of issues and more, placing your firm on solid footing for future growth.

Our partners provide various direct-support services.

◦ Guaranteed 4-hour Response-time

◦ To save more, right-size what you need (e.g. Support only 5 days a week, even business hours only, or 7 days a week 24/7/365.


Let our partners help to reduce your level of commitment and term of commitment and save money in the process.

◦ Less Commitment with More Flexibility

◦ Our partners are usually most valuable if your company has between 100 and 4000 seats.

Get a real-time view into what Microsoft® services your company is using and adjust your license-requirements accordingly by seeing what employee is using what products

Example: if an employee who has an Office365® E3 license has not logged on to SharePoint® in a year, you can reduce your requirement for this specific employee and downgrade to an E1 license and save money in the process.

With this type of diligent view into each employee’s use of Office365® the savings can really add up across an entire organization.

CSB™ can help with procuring month-to-month arrangements, featuring support for Azure®, Skype for Business® and Office365®.

This program offered by our partners helps you evaluate costs in real-time and determine whether a 100%-cloud environment or a hybrid (part cloud, part on-prem) is more cost-efficient and effective for your company’s future growth.

Some of our partners enable you to enter information into a helpful analysis/decision-making  calculator-tool which makes it easier to cost-analyze moving a workload from on-premise to Google Cloud® vs Microsoft Azure® vs IBM SoftLayer® vs Amazon Web Services®.

Our partners can setup “proof of concepts” for Skype for Business® so that you can properly evaluate your options inclusive of new hardware (phones).


Company with an International footprint (e.g. 3 to 25 countries) with a couple thousand employees

◦ Replacing a legacy system up to $10m

◦ Upgrading to Skype for Business® $3m or less including new hardware

Our partners work directly with ALL leading Security Software Providers and accordingly can set up “proofs of concept” so that you can properly evaluate your options.


A client with 3000 seats is trying to decide between 3 major Security Publishers.


Our partners can step in to make recommendations and help in the decision-making process to make sure the fit is right for the client through vendor evaluation processes and proof-of-concepts.

In many cases an evaluation period can take up to six months and pricing for a firm with a few thousand seats can be a couple hundred thousand dollars so having guidance from experts can be invaluable to your firm’s future especially when it comes to security solutions.

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